1. Charlie's Take - World Championship Russian Roulette
    10 Dec, 2017
    Charlie's Take - World Championship Russian Roulette
    Some work tirelessly iterating and testing their decks to make it to the Netrunner World Championships. Others agonize over upgrades for their X-Wings or TIE Fighters while chasing that global achievement. A more select few spend years steeling their nerve while blasting Pantera and destroying their liver in preparation for their own dignified pursuit. In World Championship Russian Roulette (WCRR) the stakes are high and only the winners escape with their lives - the hardware is mostly
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A new gaming podcast full of all the youthful exuberance of two 30ish gaming dads past their prime.  Hosted by Rafael Cordero and Charlie Theel, Ding & Dent promises to leave you at least half fulfilled.
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