1. Raf Reviews - Sword & Sorcery
    19 Jan, 2018
    Raf Reviews - Sword & Sorcery
    Despite all the talk about Zombies or Cthulhu being overplayed, it’s fantasy that seems to fill the shelves of local board game shops more than anything else. Every year legions of orcs stride forth to do battle with elves and dwarves and the occasional new fantasy race. It’s hard to stand out in this genre. This is especially true in 2017 when Gloomhaven dominated the conversation and Legacy of Dragonholt arrived at the end of the year to knock my socks off. Is there really room for a third
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A new gaming podcast full of all the youthful exuberance of two 30ish gaming dads past their prime.  Hosted by Rafael Cordero and Charlie Theel, Ding & Dent promises to leave you at least half fulfilled.
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