1. Raf Reviews - Dreams of Tomorrow
    15 Oct, 2018
    Raf Reviews - Dreams of Tomorrow
    The world is ending. The apocalypse is nigh. There isn’t much humanity can do; it’s too late to fix it. This isn’t just what keeps me awake at night, it’s also the premise of Dreams of Tomorrow. The latest Kickstarter project from Weird Giraffe Games takes place right at the brink, when humanity has realized that the only hope for the future lies in influencing the past. Players in Dreams of Tomorrow are Dream Engineers. They must work to send dreams backwards in time, hoping to create a strong
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Haphazard cardboard jabberwocky.  No refunds.

A new gaming podcast full of all the youthful exuberance of two 30ish gaming dads past their prime.  Hosted by Rafael Cordero and Charlie Theel, Ding & Dent promises to leave you at least half fulfilled.
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